Civil Engineering:

With effect from 2013 the college has introduced the core branch of Civil Engineering with 60 (Sixty) seats approved by AICTE, in order to cater to the growing need of Civil Engineers in our country.

This core engineering branch is the back bone of all fields of development and the professional subjects covered in undergraduate level in this parogramme are Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Irrigation Engineering Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Surveying and Construction Technology.

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Computer Science:

The field of Computer Science has been the most favoured area of the NRI promoters of Trident Group.

Although the promoters have graduated from institutions like IIT Kanpur, XIMB Bhubaneswar and REC Rourkela in the mid 80s in fields as diverse as Aeronautics, Computer Applications, Electrical Engineering and Management, eventually all of them have chosen their career in Computer Sc and Engg outside India.

Not only that the largest recruiters these days are software companies (large corporations like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Satyam and MNCs like Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Accenture etc), promoters of Trident plan overseas placements of Trident students through their U.S Company Technocrat Consulting LLC.

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Electricals And Electronics:

Trident has chosen the the branch of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, because of its semi inter disciplinary approach combining the essentials of electrical engg and some modules of electronics engg.

Electrical engineers need to be exposed to principles of electronics/ microelectronics/ instrumentation/ applied electronics because, in the days of automated power generation/transmission, the operation is through large process control electronics.

The approved strength in EEE department is 30.

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Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering:

In the world of miniaturization, electrical engg gave birth to electronics and electronics is going to micro electronics, ICs and finally to nano electronics.

Apart from finding applications almost everywhere such as Information Technology, communications (surface & Mobile Telephony, microwave, satellite communications etc) and entertainment, this exciting stream is now the basis of all advanced engineering including process automation and instrumentation.

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Biotechnology Engineering:

The Biotechnology department was established in 2018 with student intake of 30 seats for B.Tech. in Biotechnology program under the aegis of Trident Academy of Technology.

Presently there are 10 dedicated and committed teaching faculty members in this department with various specializations like Recombinant DNA Technology, Environmental Biotechnology, Immunology and Immunotechnology, Bioprocess Technology, Industrial Microbiology , Bioinformatics, Protein Engineering, Enzyme Technology, Animal Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

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Mechanical Engineering:

B Tech (Mechanical Engineering) imparts education about the principles of energy, materials, and mechanics to design and manufacture all sorts of machines, tools, engines and devices. One can pursue the course after successfully clearing entrance examination conducted by university.

B Tech (Mechanical Engineering), a four-year undergraduate degree course, can make one eligible to seek employment in various departments such as Posts and Telegraphs, Defence, PWD, railways, technical wings of armed forces, space research organization, aeronautical, automobile etc..

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MBA courses have been approved by the AICTE (60 seats) under TAT. Accordingly, for the session 2014-15, Trident Academy of Technology will admit a total of 60 students in the MBA course.

The students of 2011-13 and 2012-14 batch have already been well placed in various reputed organizations. The students admitted in 2012 have found excellent summer internship and our 2013 admitted students are likely to find good summer internship this year.

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After the finishing school of 1995, the next attempt of Trident in organized education was setting up two simultaneous MCA colleges at Bhubaneswar and Rourkela in 1998.

These colleges have been running the regular three years PG degree course of Master of Computer Applications (MCA) with due approval of AICTE, Recognition of the State Govt and the courses were respectively affiliated to Utkal and Sambalpur Universities till 2002, when under the BPUT Act 2002, the affiliation automatically got transferred to the Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT), the controlling university in Orissa for all technical education.

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Science & Humanities:

The prime objective of the School of Basic Science, Humanities and Management at TAT is to provide the students with deep insights into basic sciences and lays a solid foundation among the engineering students during their first year of study. TAT is popular for its professional teaching, focused action and strategic direction in imparting goal oriented academic delivery. In general, TAT provides ample opportunities to hone the students’ creative skill by involving them in activities and boost their self-image, people skills and attitude through PD sessions, and enhance their communication skills and public speaking abilities through debate and GD sessions.

The School of Basic Science, Humanities and Management comprises of the Department of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Economics and Management. All the departments are adequately staffed with sincere and dedicated faculty members with specialization in their respective field of study, competent enough to enrich the students’ understanding by imparting them strong conceptual clarity in both theory and practical.

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