Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) – one of the premier branches of undergraduate program in engineering was established in the year 2005 with the approval of AICTE and in affiliation with Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT), Odisha. The B.Tech programme of Computer Science Engineering has been accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) in the year 2016)  and National Assessment and Accreditation Council(NAAC). The field of Computer Science has been the most favoured area of the NRI promoters of Trident Group.

Since its inception, this branch has been producing hi-class computer professionals and technocrats with the support of available state-of-the-art corporate styled academic infrastructure and quality faculty members. The Department of CSE offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Computer Science.

Initially, the Department was started with an intake capacity of 60 and subsequently escalated its intake capacity to meet the global requirement. The Department started M.Tech course in Computer Science Engineering with an annual intake of 18 students from the year 2012. The department has a good number of faculty members  with M.Tech/Ph.D qualification.

In order to cope up with the changing need of the industry as well as academia, the Department of CSE at present offers following programme variants with unique philosophies and objectives:

1. B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering – B.Tech.(CSE) - 180 Seats

Programme Overview

B.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering, which is the most classical branch of Computer Science Engineering studies. Targeted at the Industry as well as academia perspective, this branch of engineering studies is undoubtedly one of the most sought after specialisations of engineering. B.Tech in CSE is among the top choices of courses for all engineering aspirants. This is the reason the cut off for this course goes quite high in demand during every academic session. Bachelor degree program in Computer Science Engineering is offered by almost all the institutes that offer a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degree in their curriculum. All the technical universities and institutes of the country provide the programme of Computer Science Engineering at the undergraduate as well as postgraduate level.

Program Content Outline

B.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) is an academic programme of four years of duration which integrates a study on theoretical basis of the field of Computer Science as well as the technological basis of the field of Computer Science – the Computer Engineering from the industry perspective. The programme primarily emphasises on laying a strong theoretical background through imparting studies of the basics of computer programming, networking and computer organization and architecture while also comprising a plethora of other versatile topics. All the subjects and topics that are covered under B.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering are related to algorithms, computation, programming languages, theory of computing, theory of automata, programme design, computer hardware, computer software, software engineering, computer graphics, etc. It is a comprehensive course focusing on computer systems as well as computer applications.


Students pursuing this Bachelor’s program in Computer Science Engineering are taught about the design, implementation as well as management of computer software and computer hardware. Upon successful completion of this B.Tech.(CSE) degree, computer science engineers are engaged in a variety of fields of computing and computer engineering, ranging from the design of individual microprocessor and microcontroller based embedded

systems, real-time systems, supercomputers and personal computers to design and development of the software systems that powers them for managing and controlling their action, provides them artificial intelligence, supports them in decision making and exploring new avenues. Through B.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering, the students are taught to understand, learn and use the different programming languages, networking and telecommunications, digital and analogue electronics, etc. The use of computers has become an integral part of human life – a bare necessity in everyday life and therefore, its importance is inevitable, hence the course of Computer Science Engineering continues to hold its extreme popularity among all the stakeholders – students, parents and employers. Due to the increasing demand for the course and its importance in the industry sector, a career in Computer Science Engineering is highly lucrative.

2. M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering - M.Tech.(CSE) – 9 Seats

Prepare students to pursue a career in Research and Development, Academics, and as computer science professional at national and international level organizations.
Enable students to pursue higher studies, exhibit research skills and knowledge to further their career aspirations.
Enable students to become entrepreneur and show their leadership and technical skills to adapt to the challenges of upcoming technologies.
Use research based knowledge and tools for the analysis and interpretation of data to synthesize information for obtaining valid conclusions.

  • One Sponsored R & D Project entitled “Design & Development of Real-Time Ground Behaviour Monitoring System(RT-GBMS) for underground metal Mines”,  through the funding agency Ministry of Mines, Govt. of India  sanctioned worth of ₹49,88.000.00 is currently running by Principal Investigator Dr. Abhaya Kumar Samal, Professor and HOD (CSE).
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between NASSCOM Foundation and Trident Academy of Technology, Bhubaneswar for the thingQbator program has been signed on 1st May 2022.
  • The department encourages its faculty and lab staff members to obtain NPTEL certification in various computer science subjects along with financial rewards to the excellent achievers.
  • The department has the following student chapters:
  • IEEE Student Chapter: IEEE student branch is dedicated to serving the purpose of helping its members to enrich their technical knowledge and expertise. The main focus of this association is to conduct social and technical activities for students and create awareness and encourages them to utilize the benefits of IEEE membership, including scholarships, competitions, and conference grants.
  • CSI Student Chapter: In keeping with its tradition of taking the lead in all student-related activities, TAT has a CSI Student Chapter operational in the Departments of Computer Science and Engineering. The CSI chapter actively organizes several different events like inter department programming, CSI Day, workshops etc. to promote and develop skills on emerging technologies among students.
  • ACM Student Chapter: ACM’s Student chapters worldwide serve as hubs of activity for ACM members and the computing community at large.


Trident is a CISCO sponsored thingQbator center which is a IoT Incubation Center as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility commitments in 2018 through our partner – NASSCOM Foundation. This is a student driven center where the students from Computer Science Engineering department share innovative ideas and utilize the facilities of the center to bring the idea into the product level by the help of CISCO Support center.


The CSE department has Hackathon club where students are trained for Hackathon, boot camp programs as a result students of CSE have participated in various National level and state level Hackathons, boot camps and brought laurels to the department.


The academic performance of the Department is very attractive and is at a level of 95% and above for the last few years. Like academic performance, the Department has achieved a lot in placement. During the last three years, the overall placement percentage is around 80%.

To be comfortable with Cutting-Edge technologies and to meet industry standards, the Department has floated 3 unique student clubs under the guidance of competent faculty members. These clubs are able to attract students from other colleges also, because it provides a platform to “learn through fun” with cutting edge technologies. The students are actively engaged in innovative thinking and ideation on problems, academic challenges and new domains of knowledge through participation in Hackathon and boot camp programs.

The department has three clubs, which are:

1  Cyber Security Club : Special Technologies (Awareness, Imparting training, Innovative Idea Generation, Assignments, Presentations, Micro Hackathons, Experts/Alumni Talks/ Seminars/Conference, etc.)

2.. Brain Logic Club: Special Technologies (Awareness, Imparting training, Innovative Idea Generation, Assignments, Presentations, Micro Hackathons, Experts/Alumni Talks/ Seminars/Conference, etc.)

3.. Hackathon Club: Special Technologies (Awareness, Imparting training, Innovative Idea Generation, Assignments, Presentations, Micro Hackathons, Experts/Alumni Talks/ Seminars/Conference, etc.)