The Biotechnology department was established in 2018 with student intake of 30 for B.Tech. in Biotechnology program under the aegis of Trident Academy of Technology.

The main aims and objectives of the department are: To enhance skills of the students by training to excel in bioindustries through research and development, to inculcate the spirit of innovation and creativity in young minds to solve human problems with sound research aptitude, to create a serene research environment in different areas of biotechnology pertinent to society, environment and industry, to enable the graduates to identify, analyze, design and solve problems related to the field of biotechnology with strong foundation on the basic science, biology and IT related applications, to provide theoretical and practical concept to students in the field of biotechnology so that they will be able to apply this broad knowledge to serve the society in a better way, to motivate and help the students to prepare for various competitive examinations like GATE, CSIR-NET, IARI, etc., to enhance the innovative ideas and skills in the field of biotechnology to earn jobs in top leading biotechnology industries, to create an awareness about the importance of biotechnology to solve social economical problems.

The department has following salient features

  • Presently there are 10 dedicated and committed teaching faculty members in this department with various specializations like Recombinant DNA Technology, Environmental Biotechnology, Immunology and Immunotechnology, Bioprocess Technology, Industrial Microbiology , Bioinformatics, Protein Engineering, Enzyme Technology, Animal Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.
  • Department is actively involved in maintaining corporate relationship for providing placement to the students.
  • The academic performance of our students in University exams is outstanding.
  • Department organizes workshops and seminars regularly for the interest of students and faculties.
  • Professors and Technical experts are invited from various universities and industries for providing additional advanced information in the field of biotechnology for the benefits of students.
  • Department has excellent infrastructure and laboratory facilities to provide hands on training in frontier area of biotechnology.