Inclinations for research activities at Trident Group of Institutions (TGI) started in 1991 through the setup of Trident Software Pvt. Ltd. (TSPL). Since then, the desire for R&D has been evolving slowly to finally emerge as Spatial Planning & Analysis Research Centre (SPARC) in 1997. Since education is an integral part of the envisaged development, in steady pace with the growing demand for technological advancement, TGI ultimately took bold step towards research initiative by establishing an Advance Research Group, which is showcased today in the name of Trident Research (or may be Trident Research & Innovations) as a core function of TGI which is a modest attempt to facilitate the attainment of the destined R&D goals by providing world class research, development, consultancy and extension services. As a challenging ladder to success TGI has adopted innovations in education through research as a significant part of its academic activity to achieve quality and excellence. TGI believes in working in small focused groups to achieve success in research in diverse fields of application.

Trident Group of Institution has es