The thingQbator program is a part of Cisco’s CSR commitment, with the objective of building digital skills, creating local solutions to local problems and facilitating student entrepreneurship.

“Cisco thingQbator” is a network of makerspaces in partner Universities where students can learn about digital technologies in a hands on environment, turn their ideas into working prototypes and in the process come up with local solutions to local problems.

thingQbator Origins

The name “thingQbator” is a combination of ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Incubator’. thingQbator was started as an internal incubator of IoT ideas coming from Cisco’s engineer community. With the central belief that none of us is smarter than all of us the aim was to create makerspaces where IoT enthusiasts could learn more about digital technologies in a hands on environment and turn their ideas into working prototypes.

Inspired by the success of our internal makerspaces Cisco has come up with the concept of “thingQbator for Universities” to help universities and academic institutions to set up IoT makerspaces to help them accelerate innovation around IoT and digital technologies in their campus.

thingQbator Objectives

In India Cisco will set up 5 thingQbator makerspaces as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility commitments in 2018 through our partner – NASSCOM Foundation. The stated objectives of the thingQbator program in Universities are as follows

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