Programme Overview

B.Tech in Computer Science & Information Technology – B.Tech.(CSIT) is an undergraduate Information Technology course. Information Technology is a discipline that deals with the use of computers in varied industry and application fields to store, retrieve and transmit information as well as information management. While the degree has a major focus on computers and technology in information dissemination and communication, it differs from traditional B.Tech.(CSE) and B.Tech.(CST) degree in that the students are also expected to study management and information theory. Therefore, while a degree in computer science can be expected to concentrate on the scientific aspects of computing, a degree in information technology can be expected to concentrate on the business and communication applications of computing, although there is more emphasis on these two areas in the e-commerce, e-business and business application perspective of information technology. The duration of the course is four years and the whole syllabus is distributed over eight semesters.

Program Content Outline

This course – B.Tech in Computer Science & Information Technology – B.Tech.(CSIT), offers a promising career to the students. At this juncture of time, it is an undisputed fact that the key field of engineering is IT, and it is growing at a tremendous pace with every passing year. However, there is no denial of the fact that this stream is not devoid of challenges. Surprisingly it has emerged triumphant despite all the odds and challenges in squashing all the problems and has retained its supremacy in the industry.

IT has become a synonym of computers for a common man as this is a study which covers the use of computer systems. However, IT has many more things to offer and is not just confined to the boundaries of the computer system and is used to study the use of varied systems, such as telecommunications. Therefore, the students choosing this field have to deal with many things like the infrastructure, development, storage, processing, and networking of devices apart from exchanging various forms of electronic data and its security.

The purpose of these B.Tech.(CSIT) courses is to equip students with theoretical knowledge as well as the skill sets that meet the requirements of the IT companies. Whether it is the designing, development or testing of software, all the things are a part of the IT courses. The students planning to pursue this B.Tech.(CSIT) course must realize the fact that this course includes the core concepts of database management systems, Java programming, information security, analysis of the algorithm, computer networking, ERP, E-commerce, cloud computing, software engineering and many other things related to operating systems.


What makes IT an amazing choice is the fact that Information Technology has become a favorite choice not only for students but also for their parents, as it opens the roads for studying abroad. Propelled by the challenges of employment, it becomes inevitable for the students to opt for a stream which unfolds myriad career opportunities. Information Technology is one such field in engineering that paves way for a shining future. IT additionally helps in expanding one’s ability and identity. Anyone having qualities like good communication skills, curiosity to come up with new ideas and passion to improve their knowledge in the IT industry can expect the best things in their career.