The department started in 2005, it is running B.Tech with 30 no. of approved seats. The department has  6 nos. of faculty members for theory and lab classes out of which all the theory teachers have M.Tech and one has Ph.D. Qualification and in the last 3 years the department faculty have 10 no. of national, 5 no. of international publications and 3 no. of patents.

Students of this department have been enhancing their knowledge through the Renewable Energy (RENEN) club activity and also in the field of Electric Vehicle and Smart Grid  Technologies.

The EEE Department and students have installed a 10KWp on-grid roof-top solar power plant. A 2KWp solar hybrid system has also been setup for powering street light inside the campus. At present work is in progress for setting up a new 240KWp on-grid roof-top solar power plant inside campus.

There are certified trainers from Power Sector Skill Council (PSSC) and Skill Council of Green Jobs (SCGJ) in the department for imparting National Skills Qualification Framework(NSQF) certification courses to students and their deployment in reputed companies.