Programme Overview

This course, B.Tech in Computer Science and Technology – B.Tech.(CST), is another classical stream of engineering studies, perfectly in line with the B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering – B.Tech.(CSE) curriculum, is introduced by Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Odisha to address surging demand of computer professionals in the proliferating IT Industry. This curriculum is primarily targeted at students to equip them to deliver new ideas quickly by focusing on:

Computing frameworks in which software providing generic functionality can be selectively changed by adding additional user-written code
Shortening software development life cycle without compromising on speed, quality, and reliability of the software deployment process
Working collaboratively in small teams with the enterprise community to deliver intelligent apps that will run and scale efficiently
This program is rolled out to address two unique objectives: Innovation & Intrapreneurship – Experiential learning courses to build up entrepreneurial skills and become drivers of innovation needed for working in multidisciplinary teams and industries and Technology Entrepreneurship – through state-of-the-art teaching techniques, students will learn to apply classroom knowledge to a comprehensive entrepreneurial project, where they will build their own business idea from scratch. Fulfilment of this objective demands working in close association with veteran industry experts. Trident Academy of Technology is in tie-up with Cisco through their global innovation skilling project – the Cisco thingQbator.

Program Content Outline

B.Tech. in Computer Science and Technology (CST) is an academic programme of four years of duration which integrates a study on theoretical basis of the field of Computer Science as well as the technological basis of the field of Computer Science – with an elevated importance paid on technology aspect of the Computer Engineering from the industry perspective. The programme primarily emphasises on laying a strong theoretical background to support build-up a strong innovation and intrapreneurship spirit through imparting studies of the basics of computer programming, networking and computer organization an architecture while also comprising a plethora of other versatile topics with an ultimate target to achieve Technology Entrepreneurship in the IT & ITES domain. Like B.Tech.(CSE), all the subjects and topics that are covered under B.Tech. in Computer Science and Technology are related to algorithms, computation, programming languages, theory of computing, theory of automata, programme design, computer hardware, computer software, software engineering, computer graphics, etc. It is a comprehensive course focusing on computer systems as well as computer applications.


Students pursuing this Bachelor’s program in Computer Science and Technology are taught about the design, implementation as well as management of computer software and computer hardware. Upon successful completion of this B.Tech.(CST) degree, the budding computer technology professionals are engaged in a variety of fields of computing and computer engineering, ranging from the design of individual microprocessor and microcontroller based embedded systems, real-time systems, supercomputers and personal computers to design and development of the software systems that powers them for managing and controlling their action, provides them artificial intelligence, supports them in decision making and exploring new avenues. Through B.Tech. in Computer Science and Technology, the students are taught to understand, learn and use the different programming languages, networking and telecommunications, digital and analogue electronics, etc. The use of computers has become an integral part of human life – a bare necessity in everyday life and therefore, its importance is inevitable, hence the course of Computer Science Engineering continues to hold its extreme popularity among all the stakeholders –

students, parents and employers. Due to the increasing demand for the course and its importance in the industry sector, a career in Computer Science and Technology is highly lucrative.