The Department of Biotechnology at Trident Academy of Technology (TAT), started in the year 2018 as an addition to the existing stream of technical degree courses, at present offers an undergraduate degree program of 160 credit points in B.Tech. in Biotechnology from Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT), Odisha and the program curricula are distributed over 8 semesters. Presently there are 10 dedicated, committed and highly experienced teaching faculty members in this department with various specializations like Recombinant DNA Technology, Environmental Biotechnology, Immunology, Immunotechnology, Bioprocess Technology, Industrial Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Protein Engineering, Enzyme Technology, Animal Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.


Department organizes workshops and seminars regularly for the interest of students and also organizes study tour for them to various industries and national research institutes. Professors and Technical experts are invited from various universities and industries for providing additional advanced information in the field of biotechnology for the benefits of students. Apart from rigorously drilling down the students with regular classroom delivery on academic curricula as per BPUT guidelines, the department emphasizes on making students to identify, analyze, design and solve problems related to the field of biotechnology with strong foundation on the basic science, biology and IT related application. Department not only provides good theoretical and practical concept but also motivate and help the students to prepare for various competitive examinations like GATE, CSIR-NET, IARI, etc. In general, as a part of the Trident culture, students are plugged in with the “learn with fun” approach to nurture their intellectual, technological and personal skills development by involving them through varieties of technical and intellectual club, and professional societies. Academic environment at Trident is sufficient enough to elicit their mindset for life long learning to maintain them as successful person that are very much necessary for success in research, industry and society.

To produce competent biotechnologists who can use premium processes and applications to improve agriculture, industry and health care sectors and provide sustainable development to the present society.

  • To inculcate the spirit of innovation and creativity in young minds to solve human problems with sound research aptitude.
  • To attain leading role in the field of Biotechnology Research and Development and promotion of incubation centre for industries and entrepreneurs.
  • To enhance skills of the students by training to excel in bio industry through research and development.
  • To create a conducive research environment in different areas of Biotechnology pertinent to society and environment and industry.
  • To produce good researchers entrepreneurs and Industrialist in the field of Biotechnology.