TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) has been our Day-1 on-campus recruiter for the last five years starting with the 2011 batch. Students and staff have been always felt genuinely interested to have a constant and continuous engagement with this company throughout the year through various activities sponsored by TCS.

Click the box below for TCS Campus Commune Registration


All candidates have to register on the TCS Campus portal.

Step 1 – Log on to (https://nextstep.tcs.com)
Step 2 – Click on “New Candidates, Register Here”.
Step 3 – Click on Campus Applicants.
Step 4 – Select your Year of Graduation (for example 2016) .
Step 5 – Select your Institute .
Step 6 – Fill up the TCS registration form .
Step 7 – On successful submission of the Registration Form, a unique CT Reference Number will be displayed on the screen. Candidates are required to fill and submit the application form also .
Step 8 -Click on Campus Commune.


Below there are some snapshots starting with the accreditation visit of the TCS team and sample groups of students who decided to join TCS between 2011 and 2015 batches.
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