Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is signed with the following industries to achieve the objectives of IIP Cell:


Trident has entered into an MoU with CISCO for carrying out the following activities

  • Trident is the Cisco Academy Support Center for East, North East and South East India covering 15 states.
  • CISCO NetAcad Programme in more than 50 engineering colleges and universities is controlled by Trident ASC within these 15 states.
  • Trident Students have received CISCO Student IT-Ambassador for India for 2014.
  • Trident is also CISCO Instructor Training Center for India.
  • Trident is declared as Cisco Prime Partner for 2015-16.
  • Head of Trident ASC is awarded with CISCO Instructor Excellence award.
  • Head of Trident ASC is now within top 300 Instructor Trainers in the world.
  • Trident has received funding form CISCO to provide skill training to 60000 students on networking for the year 2015-16.


Trident has signed up an Operational Arrangement with RCPL, the sole HP partners in India for providing Summer Training Programs. Our college houses their summer training programmes, which is not only availed by our students but also students from other colleges.


Trident has an MoU signed with SANKALP SEMICONDUCTOR, primarily to provide project assistance to students & also provide lectures & conduct seminars on the latest technologies.


Trident has an MOU with CTTC, wherin CTTC provides various training program to students, which helps them to get a more in depth knowledge of concepts in their chosen field of study. These training takes place on campus as well as in their training center.  The MOU also facilitates many Faculty Development Programs, which helps our faculty members to update their knowledge & skill.


The MOU signed between SPARC & Trident enables the students to go for internship to the organization & also avail training from them. Sparc also provides FDPs on GIS (Geographical Information System) remote sensing. As a result of this MOU, our faculty members are also consultants to them.


Our college has entered into an MoU with TCS for Campus Connect Programmes. Under this seminars & technical talks are conducted by them.  The students are exposed to many contests held by them, this gives the students a lot of practical exposer. They also do many faculty development programmes.


Trident has an MoU signed with CIPET which bridges the gap between provide project assistance and student learning cycle. Activities like lectures & seminars on the latest technologies give students a defining exposure to practical learning.


Industry partnership MoU between TAT and CISCO (OCAC) foster a healthy learning curve for students. Industrial visits are added in the curriculum to aid practical lab sessions.

Wadhwani Foundation 

MoU with Wadhwani Foundation helps students with internship opportunities to work with a charitable trust and understand the role of economic development in emerging economies. Students get to engage in various processes of the trust and earn while learning.