A smart grid is an electricity network that uses digital and other advanced technologies to monitor and manage the transport of electricity from all generation sources to meet the varying electricity demands of end users.

Smart grids co-ordinate the needs and capabilities of all generators, grid operators, end-users and electricity market stakeholders to operate all parts of the system as efficiently as possible, minimizing costs and environmental impacts while maximizing system reliability, resilience and stability.

Smart grids are a set of evolving technologies that will be deployed at different rates in variety of settings depending on local conditions such as existing technologies, regulatory frameworks and investment

This club encourages the students to fulfill their dream to look in to future energy by means of research activities.

Along with the seminar,workshops the club provides the the students some technical language skills like MATLAB, LABVIEW…..etc


  • Seminar by faculty coordinator
  • Seminar by students
  • Quiz test on smart grid
  • Some simulation by MATLAB in power Lab
  • Articles distribution among students on SAMART GRID and Microgrid

Faculty Coordinator: Mr.S.S.Mishra,Asst.Professor,Dept.of EEE