This club started in Electrical & Electronics Engineering department to focus on the advanced trends on technological development in non-conventional energy particularly in solar energy in the world among faculty and students.


  • The teachers and students will develop their skill and knowledge in one forum.
  • To develop the research works in solar energy.
  • To apply the new trend on technology to their applications in solar photovoltaic, particularly solar roof top energy.
  • To compare their innovative ideas in new trend of technology.
  • To implement the application of electronics, computer and IT technology in the field of smart technology, i.e. smart grid and smart metering etc.
  • This club will give information on solar cells, solar panels, storage devices and grid interaction and net metering.
  • This club will arrange for training of young engineers subsequently.
  • This club will help the students to face competition on electrical energy problems and job interview by different energy companies.
  • This club will create an information center for solar photovoltaic structures and their application.
  • This club will conduct seminars/workshops/Talks of resource persons on solar PV structures in the college premises.
  • To develop the control mechanism of electrical energy smartly with the help of microprocessor and power electronics.

Faculty Coordinator: Mr.S.S.Mishra, Asst. Professor, Dept.of EEE