All work and no play makes you a dull boy. Boys and girls join Trident Group Of Technology in their late teens. The heavy work schedule prescribed by the university (BPUT) hardly leaves any breathing time. Nonetheless, when someone is in an institution of the Trident Group, he/she surely gets a chance to demonstrate talents and creative ability through the following cultural clubs and programmes.

Cultural Clubs

Sl No. Name of the Club Faculty-In-charge Function Activities
1 Rhythm Spree


(The Music Club)


Dr. Mili Panigrahi



To flush the talents out of hiding and prepare them to demonstrate their skills in music, dance and performing arts to the best of their ability. Membership of the club. Training students in the areas of interest. Song, Dance Playing Instruments etc.
2 Speech Weavers


(The Communication Club)



Mr. Manoj Kumar Rath


To develop and finetune the skills and techniques of expressing ideas in written and spoken form. Story Telling, Creative writing, Picture Interpretation, Book Reviews, Face-off, extempore etc.
3 Aesthetics


(Art, Craft and Photography Club)


Biswajit Nayak

(Civil Engineering)

To encourage students to draw, paint and capture their imagination and express the same through the language of mind and heart. Photography,

Painting, Sketching, Graffiti.

4 Kartavya


(The Club for Institutional Social Responsibility)


Mr. Deepak Mohapatra

(Mechanical Engineering)


To sensitize the students about their responsibility towards the society and help them contribute to greater causes. Organising Blood Donation Camps, Reaching out to the Distressed, Plantation and NSS Activities.
5 Manan

(The Club for nourishing and blossoming divinity)


Dr. Archana Behura




To support multiple aspects

of physical health & strengthen the connection between one’s body and mind through mediation and Yogic practices.

Pranayama, Yoga & Spiritual talks

TRIFEST – The Annual Cultural Show

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UDAYAN – The Annual Techfest

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ELIXIR – The Business Meet

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Manan – The Intellectual Group

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KARTAVYA – The Service Group

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Communication Workshops

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Personality Development

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