MCA is a highly sophisticated high-end course, which creates technology professionals, who enjoy top-notch positions in the software firms. They are the ones who take decisions on the design aspects of database and data traffic, which is used by laymen and in turn plays a major role in making the software user-friendly.


Trident’s MCA course is approved by AICTE (Govt. of India), Govt. of Odisha and enjoys affiliation of Biju Pattnaik University of Technology (BPUT).


Started in 1998, Trident’s MCA students are indeed the trained Leaders of the market, with fifteeen batches of MCA pass-out students holding senior positions in IT Companies. Trident holds an image in the list of top MCA colleges and its MCA course guarantees world-class education with just the right methodologies. The teaching faculty for MCA course is the strongest and the team members are considered as the best in the state. The strong academic base and the in depth knowledge helps Trident MCA students for easy grasping of the concepts in their own specific domain and makes them ready to face the current IT challenges.


Keeping in view the needs of the software industry, apart from the courses prescribed, the aforesaid curriculum is being supplemented by imparting extra trainings on high end courses such as Oracle/.Net/CCNA/Android/Cloud Computing etc. to MCA students of Trident. Weekly soft skill trainings are imparted to the students for improving their communication skills and regular workshops, conferences and industry led seminars are conducted with exposure to senior IT managers.

Providing cutting edge knowledge to promote students’ personal transformation and induce within the students a confidence to see the world with a better angle of perspective.

    • To have an educational pathway to produce competent computer professional having capabilities at par and in pace with global standards and evolving technologies.
    • To inculcate in the IT professionals and entrepreneurs a professional maturity to face challenges with a positive approach, hungry desire for knowledge and capability of implementing out of box ideas.
    • To contribute to the society with integrity and honesty through innovative research in upcoming technologies.
  • Able to utilize the knowledge of mathematics, basic science and computers for solving related problems.
  • Able to recognize, study and put together complex problems so that that will yield some logical conclusion.
  • Able to function competently as a vital member or a leader in a heterogeneous team.
  • Able to possess the ability to design feasible system, component or process, without violating the norms for public health & safety, cultural, social and environmental issues.
  • Able to use cutting-edge tools for designing and conducting experiments, analyzing and interpreting data.
  • Able to identify the importance of learning which can be a lifelong, endless process and updating themselves with changing technological scenario.
  • To make the students industry ready having expertise in computer applications, so as to resolve industrial and technological problems.
  • To build within the students a professional and ethical attitude, strong communication skills, good teamwork spirit and leadership qualities.
  • To increase the student’s ability to analyze the requirements, understand the technical specification design and provide suitable technical solutions by producing efficient product design.
  • To create within the students a strong foundation that prepares them for higher learning and research activities.
  • To make the students be able to interact with their peers in industry and society as technical professionals. and leaders to set up technical ambience in the society.
  • LO-1. Acquire advanced computing skill and programming knowledge.
  • LO-2. Ability to develop Software Systems for Computer Applications.
  • LO-3. Ability to develop, test and maintain industry oriented domain specific software system.
  • LO-4. Develop expertise to maintain and extend usability of legacy computer systems.