“Your thoughts form your world”


One of the most important steps one can take toward achieving one’s greatest potential in life is to learn to monitor one’s attitude and its impact on one’s work performance, relationships and everyone around him/her.


We believe that mind is a computer that can be programmed, with the right software to make it productive or not. One’s inner dialogue is the software that programs one’s attitude, which determines how you present yourself to the world around you. One has control over the programming. Whatever one puts into it, is reflected in what comes out.


Keeping this in mind, we at Trident very strongly believe , “Attitude is Everything” , hence we work on our students to tune their attitude to get them success in the long run. For this we start our academic sessions with motivational sessions , to orient them towards their goal.


In our last academic session we had eminent motivational speaker of Bhubaneswar Dr. Mangesh Dash, & industry HR experts Dr. Panduranga Rao of IVRCL, who took very enriching sessions with many activities & visual demos which aimed at  building positive attitude & orienting the students towards  their preparation for their ultimate goal. Dr. Mangesh took a session on Goal Setting & Working towards it, & Dr. Panduranga Rao took a seminar on Attitude Is Everything.