Objective of the institutions offering technical education in engineering technology is not only to offer teaching only, rater they bear with them a very high degree of expectations from the society and country to conduct research to provide effective solutionsof burning issues and challenges being faced by the society and industry. Recognizing the significance and roleof technical institutions in the process of growth and development of the country, many government and semi-government, autonomous, national and international agencies come forward to grant financial assistance to promote research and innovation activity in engineering colleges. In this respect, faculties and students of Trident Academy of Technology have availed the benefit of research grant from time to time in the form of Extramural Funding for Research form various funding agencies to carry out sponsored research projects on identified thrust areas:


Completed Project(s)


Sl. No Project Submitted by Agency / Department
01 Prediction and Control of Plasma Column in a Fusion Reactor Using Hybrid PSO-ANFIS PI: Dr. Sakuntala Mahapatra Board of Research in Fusion Science & Technology (BRFST)


Approved Project(s)


Sl. No Project Submitted by Agency / Department
01 Enhancing the Immune Response in Freshwater Shrimp, Macrobrachium Rosenbergii by Targeting Lectin(s) Gene using RNA Interference (In Collaboration with CIFA, Bhubaneswar) Dr. B. B. PatnaikBio-Tech., TAT,Bhubaneswar



And Dr. Jyotirmay

Mohanty, Principal

Scientist, CIFA,




Dr. Arup Sarkar,

Bio-tech, TAT,


Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India
02 16-Channel Wireless Acquisition System for Magnetic Diagnostics of ADITYA-U Tokamak PI: Dr. Sakuntala MahapatraCo-PI: S.M. Ali Board for Research in Nuclear Sciences

Projects Under Review

Sl. No Project Submitted by Agency / Department
01 Design and Implementation of ‘National Open Object Repository’ (NOOR)-An ‘Object as a Service’ (OaaS) to support standardized application level data integration and access over the Cloud Computing Framework. (In Collaboration with NIC, Orissa Center, Bhubaneswar) Dr. A. K. SamalComp. Sc. Engg. 



Scientist-F, NIC and

Mr. N. B. Mohanty

Scientist-B, NIC)

Department of Electronics andInformation Technology (DeitY),
02 Ion Solvent Interaction of Toxic Heavy Metal Salts in Human Blood Plasma & Serum-A Rheological Study Dr. M. R. Senapati  Science and Engineering Research Board
03 e-Nose with Ployaniline Nano Particle Graphene Hybrid Network for Detecting Air Pollutants Dr. S. Mohapatra Nano Mission,Ministry of Science & Technology
04 Unravelling the Innate Immune Cells Metabolism in the Establishment of Leishmania Infection. (Proposal submitted through Dept. of Bio-tech (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, India. Central Contact Point for all Project Coordinators is the Joint Call Secretariat.) Dr. A. Sarkar Division Life Sciences, Health, Universities ofapplied Sciences (LGF,Germany)
05 Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Application for Water Management in Steep Irrigation Command through Tank Irrigation. Mr. B. K.Mishra(Co-PIs:Dr. A. K. Samal,

And Er. B. K. Mishra)

Science and Engineering Research Board
06 Design and Implementation of a Low-Cost Wireless Sensor Network to Assist Monitoring of Rare & Endangered Plant Species and Associated Environment (LoC-WSN-AMREPSE) PIDr. Abhaya Kumar SamalProfessor (Advanced Research Group), Department of Computer Science and Engineering



Dr. Bharat Bhusan Patnaik

Professor (Advanced Research Group), Department of in Biotechnology



Dr. Arup Sarkar

Professor (Advanced Research Group), Department of in Biotechnology

07 Disease detection and diagnosing of plant leaves using Intelligent ClassifiersProject Proposal Submitted to Government of India, Ministry of Science & Technology, Department of Science & Technology, Dr. Sakuntala Mahapatra (PI)Mr. Sk. Mohammed Ali (Co-PI)

Ms.Avipsa S. Panda (Co-PI)

08 Proposal for Conducting Summer School: Summer School in Geospatial Technologies – GIS, GPS and RS (SSGT-GIS-GPS-RS) PI: Dr. Abhaya Kumar Samal NRDMS
09 Electrolytes, Nutrition and Immunity in Adolescent Health: Susceptibility to Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) Infection Dr A Sarkar ICMR Indo -German Call 2015
10 RGS proteins in tumor immunity and inflammation: From basic understanding to development of novel experimental tools Dr A Sarkar Indo-Hungarian call 2015 under DST
11 Immunometabolic Networks in the Regulation of Visceral Leishmaniasis Dr A Sarkar Indo-European call “INFECT-ERA” 2016
12 Targeted, Engineered Peptides as Leishmania Vaccine Dr A Sarkar European Commission call “Horizon 2020
13 Characteristic Study of a multiple gas sensor using Graphene Oxide-Polyaniline (PANI) Nanocomposites PI: Dr. Sakuntala MahapatraCo-PI: S.M. Ali Nano Mission,DST
14 Disease detection and diagnosing of plant leaves using Intelligent Classifiers PI: Dr. Sakuntala MahapatraCo-PI: S.M. Ali NRDMS Division,DST,

Projects In Pipeline

Sl No. Project Submitted by Agency / Department
01 Construction of an Online Digital Library with community participation for the documentation and promotion of ethno-economic plants in tribal settings of Odisha state PIDr. Bharat Bhusan Patnaik, Professor (Advanced Research Group), Deptt of Biotechnology 


Dr. Arup Sarkar

Professor (Advanced Research Group), Deptt of Biotechnology



Dr. Bijaya K. Padhi, Assistant Professor in Environmental Health, Asian Institute of Public Health



Dr. Abhaya Kumar Samal, Professor (Advanced Research Group), Deptt CompSc & Engg

02 Design and development of Zigbee Technology based Wireless Sensor Network for Control and monitoring of precision firming of rice in Odisha Prof. A.K.Samal(CS/ARG)  NRDMS
03 Design, development and implementation of a National open Object Repository (NOOR) and initiative to establish an object as service – OaaS framework for standardized application level data integration and access pattern Prof. A.K.Samal(CS/ARG)  NIC, Deptt of Information Technology
04 Design and implementation of Big Data Algorithm for Intrusion detection information retrieval Prof. A.K.Samal(CS/ARG)  DST
05 e-Nose with polyaniline Nano particle Graphene Hybrid Network for detecting Air pollutants Prof(Dr) Sakuntala Mohapatra,(ETC) BRFST, IPR
06 Development of a Hardware model of PSO-ANFIS Controller for Plasma column contro, in Aditya Tokamak Prof(Dr) Sakuntala Mohapatra,(ETC) BRFST, IPR
07 Design of Low Drift Analog Integrator system for Aditya Tokamak. Prof(Dr) Sakuntala Mohapatra,(ETC) BRFST, IPR
08 Ion Solvent interaction of Toxic Heavy Metal salts in Human Blood Serum and plasma-A Rheological study. Dr.M.R.Senapati(Chemistry) DST
09 Microwave study of CaTiO3 nanocomposite ceramics Mr.Subha Nr.Sahoo (EE)
10 Enhancing the immune response in freshwater shrimp, Macrobrachium rosenbergii by targeting lectin(s) gene using RNA interference(in collaboration with CIFA, Bhubaneswar Dr. B.B.Patnaik(Biotechnology/ARG) CIFA
11 Establishment of molecular mechanisms of heterosis in silkworm hybrids under high temperature stress by comparative proteomics and phosphoproteomics (in possible collaboration with Central Silk Board) Dr. B.B.Patnaik(Biotechnology/ARG) DBT
12 Importance of metabolic sensor Adenosine monophosphate kinase in the parasitic diseases Dr.Arup Sarkar (Biotechnology / ARG)
13 Failure analysis of different human prosthesis Prof.Jagannath Sahoo (Sum Hospital, PI)Mr Rabiteja Patra(Co-PI) DBT