The core R&D team in the form of Research Committee working behind the Trident Research is composed of a group of individuals talented in a broad array of areas ranging from the ICT spectrum to core branches of engineering, biotechnology and management science. Collectively they bring the capability to see the problems as opportunities and possibilities for advancement and the expertise to realise a creative vision, tasked with turning ideas into reality. The core R&D team shoulders the responsibility of managing the development of innovative products, supporting the software and ICT product development and building research drive at Trident Research. The core R&D team comprises of the following professors:


Sakuntala Mahapatra Dr. Sakuntala Mohapatra Professor Dean ResearchView Profile

Research committee:

  • Bimal Prasad Mohapatra- Convenor
  • Members:

1.   Abhaya Kumar Samal (HOD,CSE)

2.   B.B. Patnaik (Professor, Biotech)

3.   Arup Sarkar (Professor, Biotech)

4.   Manas Ranjan Senapati (HOD, Chem)

5.   Ajay Kumar Sahoo (HOD, Mech)

6.  Ashok Rath (HOD,MBA)

7.   Saswati Panda (Professor, Physics)

  • Advisory Board Members:

1.   R.N. Satapathy (Executive Director,TGI)

2.   P.K. Meher (Professor, NTU, Singapore)

3.   Ganapati Panda (Emiritus Professor, IIT Bhubaneswar)

4.   Amiya Rath (Professor, VSSUT, Burla)

5.   Raju Daniel (Scientist, IPR, Ahmedabad)

6.   Subhankar Bedanta (Associate Professor, NISER, Bhubaneswar)