The college has three in-campus hostels with capacity of 1200 inmates. The rooms are spacious, well-furnished and duly maintained. Mess facility is provided for students. Hygienic vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are provided to the students at a nominal rate. Incoming telephone facility is provided for the hostel. There is a small library inside the hostel and is attached to a common room with TV facility. All the hostels have Wi-Fi coverage with a small computer room with internet connection. Hostel is provided with first aid kits and general medicines to take care of simple illness. A consulting room is available in the hostel. The college vehicle has been engaged to shift the sick to nearby hospitals in case of emergency. One pharmacist is always there to ensure medical facilities of students. Furthermore, the hostellers have access to the Central Library in the campus. The hostel is having a recreation hall which acts as a common room for the students with facilities for indoor games. Several news-papers and magazines are subscribed to the hostels. Audio visual facilities are also provided in the hall through television and audio systems. On the innovative front, Institute is planning to setup a rooftop solar system in hostels to provide warm water, to be used for various purposes.

Management Committee

  1. P.K. Sahoo, H.O.D.(EEE), Chairman -9437389129
  2. Chandan kumar Das, Asst. Professor(Physics) Superintendent – 9437435911
  3. Sujata Mohanty, Asst. Professor(Physics), Superintendent -8984669407
  4. Soumayakant Samantsinghar, Asst. Professor(English), Superintendent-9437308847
  5. Mrs Bandiata Swain, Asst. Professor(Biotech Sciences), Superintendent-9437315290

Support staff:

  1. Janaki Mohanty, care taker-9438298457
  2. Pankajini Das, care taker-9238459704
  3. Arunabala Patra, care taker- 9853394068
  4. Ashok kumar Samal, care taker-9237084504
  5. Bijay Kumar Barik, care taker-8093711895
  6. Kamalakanta Dalei, care taker-9237321481
  7. Soraj Kumar Kandi, care taker-8908242819

Mess Management

  1. Prassanna Kumar Mallick, Manager, Mess-9861159360
  2. Dushmanta Nayak, Asst. Manager, Mess – 9776718862

Mess Menu for Campus Hostel (BH &LH)

Standard Menu for Campus Hostel
Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Sunday Uttapam(2 pc), Chatni,Sambar Rice, Dal, Chicken kasa (non veg)/ Paneer masala (Veg),Salad Rice, Roti, Dalma/Green peas alu curry, Alu Beans Bhaja,
Monday Chhole, Bhature (2 pc) Rice, Dal , mix veg, Papad Rice, Dal, Roti, Veg Manchurian/Kashmiri Allo Dum.
Tuesday Idly, Sambar, Chatni (4pc) Rice, Dal, Fish curry (non veg) / Potel curry(Veg), Frimes/alu kalara chips Dal, Rice, Roti, Egg curry(non veg)/ cutlet (veg), Sweet (Gulab Jamun/ Rasagolla/Chhena jhili)
Wednesday Chowmin Rice, Dal, Chicken curry( non veg)/ Paneer Curry(veg), Salad Rice, Dal, Roti, Paneer butter masala/ paneer matar.
Thursday Chakuli(2 pc), Matar Alu curry Rice, Dal, panasa katha kasa, Dahi Baigan / Dahi Bundi Rice, DaiRoti, Cabbage green matar alu curry/ Chhole masala, Payas
Friday Upama & Matar Curry Rice, Dal, Fish Besar(non veg) / Paneer curry(Veg), Salad Rice, Dal, Roti, Egg Tadka / veg tadka, Sweet bundi
Saturday Dahi Bara (4 Pc) Alu dam, Imli chutni Rice, Dal, Egg Curry (non veg)/ Alu Soyabean kasa(Veg), Tomato khajora khata Rice, Dal, Roti,Kadai veg and Alu bharta
Last Sunday (Badakhana) Jeera Rice, Dal Fry, Chilli Chicken(Non veg)/Chilli Paneer (veg), papad , Salad, Sweet curd