Implementation and Action for the Proctorial Programme

  • A Proctor who is a member of the teaching staff of the college remains in charge of a group of students (1:30).
  • The Proctor shall watch from time to time the academic progress and conduct of his/her group of students both inside and outside the college, advise them and make reports to the principal and guardians concerning their academic and      other activities inside and outside the institution.
  • Students are advised to meet the Proctor in connection with any difficulty, academic or otherwise. The Proctor shall give all possible help to the students. His /Her recommendation as regards of any kind of help shall be of vital importance.
  • Gradation viz. A, B, C, D and E will be determined as per the performance of the students. All Proctors are expected to evaluate the performance of the students while determining their gradation. There will be a provision of award/ conduct certificate to students based upon proctorial remarks.