In recognition of the institute’s relentless efforts in finding the founders of future companies from amongst students, the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India has sanctioned the only IEDC (Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Center) in the state of Odisha in 2013 with funding support for 5(Five) years. This will enable the college to act as an angel investor for 5 student innovative projects every year for 5 years continuously.

Projects under IEDC

Sl.No Project Name Student Name Guide Name



Energy Meter Monitoring using IOT


Satyajit Mahapatra

Shital Mohapatra



Md Rizwan Khan

Asst. Prof., Dept of ETC





Garbage Monitoring System for Smart Cities using IoT


Abhirup Shankar

Ananya Singh


Shuvendra ku Tripathi

Asst.Prof., Dept. of ETC


R.R.  Choudhary

Asst. Prof., Dept of ETC




A  Real Time Foot Pressure Measurement For Early Detection of Ulcer Formation in Diabetics Using LabVIEW



Ankita Kumari

Amrita Sahoo


Sk. MD Ali

Asst. Prof., Dept of ETC





Collision Avoidance Self-Flying Drone

Sonu Kumar Gadewar

Ashutosh Panda

Banita Jaipuria

Ved Prakash




Dayal Kumar Behera

Asst. Prof., Dept. of CSE





Air conditioning with water as refrigerant

MD. Mehetab Alam

Hitesh Ku Mahato

Chandan Kumar

Kalim Khan



Rabiteja Patra

Asst. Prof ,Dept. of MECH


List of innovative student projects recommended by the IEDC Advisory Board for DST funding under IEDC for the year 2016-17

Sl.No. Project Name Student Name Guide Name




Millee Panigrahi (Asst. Prof., Dept. of ETC)

Rina Mahakud (Asst. Prof., Dept. of ETC)


2. EAT WELL Akhil Anand

Rahul Kumar Sa                     Shubham Panda           Adhikari Santosh Das


Satya Ranjan Biswal (Prof., Dept. of CSE)
3. Automatic Braking System for vehicles Navishta Fazal

Bedabyas Mahapatra

Kajal Bisoyi

Debashish   Pradhan

P Swadhin Kumar Patro (Asst. Prof., Dept. of EEE)









TAPAN KUMAR NAYAK (Asst. Prof., Dept. of CIVIL)









The following five numbers of projects are selected to implement with funding support of Rs.1.00 lakh per project by DST, New Delhi under IEDC Scheme for the year 2015 – 16.

Sl. No. Project name Students name Guide Name
1. MEMS cantilever based sensor for detection of HER2 –ECD responsible for Breast Cansor. Ranjit SenapatiSahista Sultana

Satyam Jaiswal

Jyotirmayee Behera

Sk Mohammed AliMinu Samantray
2. Nadi ParikshanYantra Using Labview  Abhinav MishraKumar Abhijit


Prashant Thakur

Prof.(Dr.)Sakuntala MahapatraSk. Mohammed Ali
3. Fuel gas leakage detection in moving vehicles Dibya Ranjan NayakSwatishree Moharana

Mohit Mohanty

Mr. Satya Sundar Mishra
4. Machine validation of early detection of Leukemia Sabyasachi PattnaikSibasish Sinha

Snehashree Samal

Sucharita Sahoo

Vineet Baral

Prof.(Dr) Sakuntala MahapatraRina Mahakud
5. NPKM Testing Sensor and Irrigation System Using GSM Bikash MohapatraBishmita Nayak

Deepak Kumar Basty

Chiranjib Sahoo

Nivedita Thakur

Millee PanigrahiTanmay Ku. Das


1. A Real Time FPGA Model for Recognition and Detection of the Seismic Wave (Project – 01)
Student Members:

  1. Kumar Sweta
  2. Anupam Jyoti
  3. Kumari Swati

Name of the Guide: Prof.(Dr.) Sakuntala Mahapatra

Abstract: Earthquakes can be among the most devastating and terrifying of natural hazards. Although floods, tornadoes and hurricanes account for much greater annual loss in the United States, severe earthquakes pose the largest risk in terms of sudden loss of life and property. Seismic waves are useful for locating earthquakes, determining the amount of energy that was released, and determining what type of fault slip occurred. That is why this product is needed so that we can de-noised the seismic waves for the early detection of earthquake, so that we can protect our earth from this type of catastrophe.

2. Intelligent and early detection of tumor of a patient (Project – 02)
Student Members:

  1. Pujashree Bhuyan
  2. Shilpa Rani Sahoo
  3. Rakesh Ranjan Rout

Name of the Guide: Prof.(Dr.) Sakuntala Mahapatra & Mr. S. K. Mohamed Ali

Abstract: It is difficult to detect cancer in its early stages because symptoms appear only in the advanced stages. More people die because of cancer such as brain,lung,breast,colon and prostate cancers. There is significant evidence indicating that the early detection of cancer will decrease mortality rate .There are many techniques to diagnose cancer, such as Chest Radiography (x-ray), computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI scan) and Sputum Cytology. In other words, most of these techniques are detecting the cancer in its advanced stages, where the patients’ chance of survival is very low.

3. Recommender Portal using the Big Data Analytics (Project – 03)
Student Members:

  1. Ayes Chinmay
  2. Vedant Kulkarni
  3. Veenila Patnaik

Name of the Guide: Mr. Dayal Kumar Behera & Mrs. Subhra Swetnisha

Abstract: General recommender recommends list of items to an user based on the ranking of those items. But there may be some items having very poor rank but may be useful for different kinds of users. This issue has been addressed in our project.

4. Intelligent Real Time Switch Board Design using Touch Screen and IR Remote with inbuilt memory (Project – 04)
Student Members:

  1. Manoj Kumar Mahapatra
  2. Nousheen Perween
  3. Bikram Kishore Ghadei

Name of the Guide: Mr. S. K. Tripathy

Abstract: Aim of the design is to develop a system based on Embedded micro controller (PIC) which is used to control appliances like fan, heater, light etc through remote and touch screen. The current design is based on PIC16F877A micro controller. It is a model of real time control of various channels of a TV using a remote control with few exceptions, i.e. as we could control the operations of a TV we could even operate various loads from a distance using a remote control, which contains IR emitter and the protocol used is RC5 protocol. The controlling function of the appliances is also done through touch screen. A LCD is used to display the status of appliances.

5. City-Based Online Product Offers Hub of Shopping Malls of ODISHA (Project – 05)
Student Members:

  1. Shruti Dash Ankita
  2. Priya Jyotirekha Mishra
  3. Ashis Kumar Polai

Name of the Guide: Mr. Sudhansu Ranjan Lenka & Mr. Biswa Ranjan Nayak

Abstract: The project “Online Product Offers Hub of Shopping Malls of ODISHA” provides user friendly information gateway of product offers/discounts available in different shopping Malls opened in different cities of Odisha. It also provide a comparative Price Analysis feature of particular product available in different Malls. The customers can avail the facilities through internet from any location.


1. GSM Based Calling Bell for Deaf and Dumb (Project – 01)
Student Members:

  1. Debasish Dash
  2. Dhirendranath Panigrahi
  3. Prasanjeet Nayak
  4. Abinash Patro

Name of the Guide: Prof.(Dr.) Sakuntala Mahapatra

Abstract: The Sole Aim of the design is to develop a system based on embedded micro controller, which is used for calling bell for giving information to deaf and dumb people when any person will press door bell.

2. GMEMS Capacitive Sensor Design for Aircraft Orientation Control (Project – 02)
Student Members:

  1. Bibek Kumar Sadangi
  2. Bijaylaxmi Pati
  3. Geetija Biswal
  4. Aruna Kumar Sahoo

Name of the Guide: S.K Mahammed Ali

Abstract: In this project we have shown that Capacitive Sensor senses orientation of the aircraft in terms of orientation of the ball. This sensation is due to change in distance between the plates.

3. Detection and Analysis of QRS of an ECG Signal Using Microcontroller (Project – 03)
Student Members:

  1. Sushma Kumari Sharma
  2. Subhasmita Rath
  3. Suchismita Rath
  4. Sushree Sangeeta Das

Name of the Guide: Mr. Arun Kumar Pradhan

Abstract: The project has been inspired by the need to find an efficient method for detection and analysis of the QRS of the ECG signal which is simple and has good accuracy and less computation time.

4. Multi Processing Industrial Automation System Using Controller Area Network(Can) Protocol (Project – 04)

Student Members:

  1. Subhalaxmi Barik
  2. Suparna Senapati
  3. Sweta Sarita Sarang
  4. Smita Kumari

Name of the Guide: Prof.(Dr.) Sakuntala Mahapatra

Abstract: The main aim of this project is to implement data communication based on CAN protocol by using microcontroller and CAN Engine for Industrial Automation

5. Interactive Voice Response System Latch for Industrial Automation (Project – 05)
Student Members:

  1. Manoj Ku. Bisoi
  2. Mrunmayee Tripathy
  3. Prachurya Mohapatra

Name of the Guide: Ms. Minu Samantaray

Abstract: The main objective of the project is to operate and control the device automatically by telephone or mobile phone which can be implemented in an organisation to control electrical and electronic devices.