Electronics & Telecomm. Engineering

Sl. No  Journals Name Publication Code
1 International Journal of Aerospace & Electronics Systems 4421-1399
2 Ind Jnl of Nano System Technology Electrical Engg & & Electronics System HY II 11084
3 International Journal of Advances in Circuits and Systems 4421-1398
4 International Journal of Advances VLSI Design 2229-7405
5 International Journal of Electronics, Computing and Engineering Education 2229-7340
6 Indian Journal of Nanomaterials & Technology 11084
7 Int. Jnl of Research in Signal Processing, Computing & Communication PIG
8 Science & Culture M II 10158
9 IETE Journal of Research BM II 12624
10 IETE Journal of Technical Review   BM II 12624
11 International Journal of Material Science and Electronics Research 0976-6111

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Sl. No  Journals Name Publication Code
1 IEEMA Journal II 10047
2 Resonance M II 10134
3 International Journal of Control Theory  and Applications (IJCTA) 0975-5572
4 International Journal of Electrical Energy  Systems (IJEESS) 0975-7147
5 International Journal of Innovations in Electrical Power Systems 0975-5306
6 Int. Journal of Electronic Power Systems & Engineering Conversion 4421-1335

Electrical Engineering

Sl. No  Journals Name Publication Code
1 Ind Jnl of Power Engineering & Green Technology 11084
2 Electrical India M II Current 10043
3 Indian Journal of Mechatronics and Applications 13035
4 Current development in Electrical Engineering 12894
5 International Journal of Electrical Engineering System Research 4421-1397
6 International Journal of Power Engg (IJPE) 0975-380X

Computer Sc. & Engineering

Sl. No  Journals Name Publication Code
1 Indian Journal of Software Engg Research  & Development 13102
2 Int. Journal of Data Mining PIG
3 Indian Journal of Information Science and  Education Technology 13035
4 International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research and Applications 0973-6794
5 International Journal of Computer Sciences, Systems Engineering and Information Technology 0974-5807
6 Indian Journal of Information Security & Computer 12894
7 Ind. Journal of Wireless & mobile Communications 12894
8 Indian Journal of Image Processing and Technique 12894
9 Journal of Cybernetics and Systems (JCS) 0974-5459
10 International Journal of Applied Computing (IJAC) 0974-6277
11 Journal of Scientific & Technical Research PIG

Information Technolog

Sl. No  Journals Name Publication Code
1 Ind. Jnl. of Information & Communication Systems 13035
2 Intl. Journal of Scientific Computing HY II 11084
3 Indian Journal of Computing & Applications HY II 13035
4 Journal of High Performance Communication HY Systems and Networking 11084
5 Jnl. of Neural Systems Theory & Applications HY 11084
6 Int. Journal of Distributed & Cloud Computing  HY PIG

Mechanical Engineering

Sl. No  Journals Name Publication Code
1 International Journal of Fluid Mechanics 0975-4199
2 Journal of Mechanics and MEMS (JMM) 11084
3 Ind. Journal of Mechanics and Solids HY
4 Industrial Automation M II 11735
5 Ind. Jnl of Manufacturing Systems Research 13035
6 Cooling India BM II 10043

Civil Engineering

Sl. No  Journals Name Publication Code
1 International Journal of Civil Engineering and construction Technology HY 11084
2 International Journal of Geotechnics and Environment HY 11084
3 Indian journal of Structural Design and Construction HY RIP
4 International journal of modern Production Engg HY RIP
5 International Journal of Civil Engg. Architecture
6 Indian Journal of Materials and Structural Systems HY GRP
7 Intl. Journal of Engineering under Uncertainty, Hazards, Assessment & Mitigation II HY 11084


Sl. No  Journals Name Publication Code
1 University News 10343
2 Journal of Genetics
3 Annals of Library & Information Studies Q II 10003


Sl. No  Journals Name
1 Indian Journal Management And Technology HY II
2 Journal of Business Management HY II
3 Howard Business Review M II
4 International Journal of Business Analysis & Intelligence HY II
5 Indian Journal of Logistics and Supply Chain Management HY II
6 Indian Journal of Finance M II
7 Indian Journal of Human Resources Development and Management
8 Prabandhan – Indian Journal of Management M II
9 Indian Journal of Economics & Research. (Arthshstra)
10 Indian Journal of Marketing M II.
11 Jnl of Entrepreneurship 2Nos.
12 Indian Jnl of International Business & Finance HY II


Sl. No  Journals Name
1 Journal of Analysis and Computation HY II
2 International Journal of Data Analysis and Information Systems (IJDAIS)
3 Ind. Jnl of Embedded Software & Open Source Systems HY II
4 Indian Journal of Advanced In Multimedia
5 Ind. Jnl of Grid Computing and Multi Agent Systems  HY II
6 Journal of Software Engineering and Technology HY II
7 Journal of Software Project Management and Quality Assurance HY II
8 Journal of Advance Research in Computer Engineering HY II
9 Indian Journal of Industrial Informatics
10 Current Science-
11 IMS Journal of Information Technology BM II
12 Ind. Jnl of Nanotechnology & Applications


Electronics for You  M II (with CD)

PC Quest M II (with CD)

Digit (with CD) M II

Data Quest 24NOS II

Reader’s Digest 12 NOS II

Voice & Data M II(NEW)

PC World M US

Science Reporter

Economic & Political (Weekly

Business World    FN II

Business India     FN II

Overdrives M II

News Papers


The Samaj



Dainik Jagaran

The New Indian Express

The Times of India

The Hindu

The Employment News

The Economic Times

Print Journal Websites

Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics BM II
IETE Journal of Technical Review BM II
IETE Journal of Technical Research BM II
Science & Culture – 12 nos.
IEEMA Journal II
Resonance M II
Journal of the Indian Institute of Science
Journal of Earth System Science
Ind. Jnl of Engineering & Material Sc. BM II
Ind Jnl of Pure and Applied Physics M II
PRAMANA Journal of Physics M II
Journal of Chemical Science BM II