Academic Monitoring System is a diagnostic approach, cross referencing between curriculum & instructional elements. It is expected to provide guidance & support in improving the curriculum implementation at institute level. High quality monitoring programs can help institute & faculty maintain enthusiasm. If teaching is not systematically planned, learning may not occur.

Vision and Mission of the Council


To relentlessly foster an enabling environment of teaching and learning at international standards through an efficient academic monitoring system.


  1. To maintain an effective diagnostic approach towards all learners irrespective of their standards.
  2. To address the subject wise weakness for all the students through sufficient tutorial classes.
  3. To lay priority on regular assignments and surprise tests during the course of semester classes.
  4. Provision of smart class room to all sections for better understanding and dissemination of subject matters.

Key Parameters

  1. Implementation of suggestions of Academic Advisory Board
  2. Planning of external linkage
  3. Time table preparation
  4. Mode of lesson delivery
  5. Mandatory attendance
  6. Home assignments
  7. Examination
  8. Event calendar preparation
  9. Classes for weaker students
  10. Laboratory and sessionals
  11. Feedback systems
  12. Library

Members of the Council

Academic    Monitoring Committee Dr. D.N.Pattanayak
[email protected]
Manoj Kumar Rath (Eng.) 9937171553
[email protected]
Sudhansu Ranjan Lenka (CSE) 9937245866
[email protected]
Sumanta Kumar Mohapatra (ETC) 9861126251

[email protected]