Sl. No. Name & Designation Dept Date and Year of Regd Name of the University Name of the Guide Ph. D. Topic
1 Prof. R. Bhojray ETC 22.03.2018 Biju Patnaik University of Technology Dr. S.K Patra Multicarrier technology for wireless communication
2 Prof. Arun Ku Pradhan ETC 22.03.2018 Biju Patnaik University of Technology Dr. S.K Pattnaik Multichannel FIR Filter Architecture for IoT
3 Prof. Shuvendra Kumar Tripathy ETC 22.03.2018 Biju Patnaik University of Technology Dr. Pradyut Ku. Biswal Development of an IoT Based Embedded Real Time Security System
4 Prof. Sumant Kumar Mohapatra ETC 18.8.2017 Utkal University, Dr. Asima Rout Biomedical Signal processing
5 Prof. Satyanarayan Rath ETC 16.08.2016 V.S.S.University Technology Dr. Sheeja K.L Isolation in DRA Based MIMO Antenna Applicable for 5G Communication
6 Prof. Millee Panigrahi ETC 11.06.2014 Sambalpur University Dr. K.C Patra Biomedical Signal Processing
7 Prof. Minu Samantaray ETC 02.04.2016 Sambalpur University Dr. K.C Patra Biomedical Signal Processing
8 Prof. Rina Mahakud ETC 06.04.2018 SOA University Dr. B.K Pattanayak IoT on Data Security
9 Prof. Biswa Ranjan Swain ETC 28.02.2017 V.S.S.University Technology Dr. A.K Sharma Design of Microstrip Antenna
10 Prof. Lalit Kumar Kanoje ETC 18.08.2017 Utkal University Dr. Debajyoti  Mishra VLSI and Embedded System for signal processing
11 Prof. Nibedita Pati ETC 02.04. 2016 Sambalpur University Dr. K.C Patra Biomedical Signal Processing
12 Prof. Rizwan Khan Mech 30.01.2018 V.S.S.University Technology Dr. B. Das Wireless Communication
(Enrolment Date)
13 Prof. Rabiteja Patra Mech 2014 SOA University Dr.Harish Das BIO-MEDICAL
Dr.Jagannath Sahoo
14 Prof. P.K.Sahoo EEE &EE Utkal University Dr.P.K.Ray,NIT RKL Enhancement of power quality of Distributed Generations
15 Prof. Sushmita Das EEE 2014 KIIT University Dr.C.K.Panigrahi Energy Efficiency in Buildings
16 Prof. Sujata Mohanty Physics 2013 KIIT University Dr.B.N.Parida Dielectrics/Ferroelectrics
17 Prof. Sandeep Kumar Rath Chemistry 2010 Ravenshaw University Dr. B. C. Mallick Protein-Drug Interaction: A new frontier in Drug Development and Research
18 Prof. Swetashree Patnaik Chemistry 2014 Sambalpur University Dr. P. Mishra Viscosity reduction of crude oil by surfactants
19 Prof. Hemanta Kumar Mishra Math 2012 Utkal University Prof. Sudarsan Nanda Some new sequence spaces
20 Prof.  Kali Charan Panda Math 2015 Biju Patnaik University of Technology Dr S K Rath Difference Euation in Optimization
21 Prof. Kaustuva Hota MBA May-14 Utkal University Dr. Maheswar Sahu An Analytical Study on Market Volatility and Stock Returns : A Neural Network Approach
22 Prof. Sisir Ranjan Dash MBA Aug-12 SOA University Prof. Padmabati Gahan and Prof. J. Mahapatra Implications of Globalization on Financial Integration of Indian Economy with the developed and emerging economies: A Cointegration Approach
23 Prof. Sonam Subhadarshini MBA May-10 Utkal University Dr. S.K. Tripathy Performance Management System: A study in OPTCL
24 MCA 18th Aug 2017 V.S.S.University Technology Dr. Sacheta Panda Prediction of deadly disease occurrence in future using computational methods
Prof. Dakshya Prasad Pati
25 Prof. Dipalika Das MCA Feb-16 Biju Patnaik University of Technology Dr. Maya Nayak Imputation of missing values in data mining
Dr. Subhendu Kumar Pani
26 Prof. Santosh Kumar Sahoo IT 2012 SOA University Dr. A.K Nayak Query Optimization in WSN
27 Prof. Sasmita Mishra IT 2012 KIIT University Dr. S. Mishra Software cost estimation using soft computing approach
28 Prof. Dayal Ku. Behera IT 2013 KIIT University Dr. M.N Das Recommender system using Deep learning Techniques
29 Prof. Sudhansu Ranjan Lenka IT 2o17 Utkal University Dr. B. K Rath Credit card Fault detection using M L Technique
30 Prof. Tanmayee Samantaray Bio-Tech 2017 IIT, Guwahati Dr. C. Navin Gupta Neural Imaging and Cognitive Biomaker Development
31 Prof. Namita Mohanty English 2010 Utkal University Dr. Nanda Kishore Mishra Love and Feminine Consciousness: A Study Through Sri Aurobindo’s Plays
32 Prof. Sidharth S Mohapatra English 2007 Utkal University Prof (Dr.) Jatindra Kumar Nayak City in Indian Fiction in English
33 Prof. Manoj Rath English 2014 KIIT University Dr. Khusi Pattnaik Elemets of Metacommunication: A study of Jhuma Lahiri’s The Namesake and The Lowland