The Department of Mechanical Engineering aims at skill development of the faculty members with the cutting edge technologies and upgrading their knowledge in software/ hardware development and design. FDP is a specialized programme for career and skill development to acquire knowledge on latest software/hardware tools. The programme enables the participants to develop competence in understanding recent advances in research, to learn to improve ideologies and to improve presentation skills.

A list of FDPs is given below as an initiative for improving skills of faculty members:

  1. Two Faculty Development Programmes on Programming and Operation of CNC turning and milling, and Application of ANSYS software in static Structural Design were conducted in department of Mechanical Engineering during 20 – 31 Dec, 2016.
  2. One month faculty development program (FDP) was conducted from 27th May to 26th June, 2015 on Advance Design Software “Solidworks” by Embesys, BBSR.
  3. 30 days FDP was conducted from 1st June to 1st July 2014 on Autocad by Swaroop Mohapatra, Softcad technologies.