1 1401289119 Abhirup Shankar Multi-hop WBAN construction for healthcare IOT system
2 1401289120 Alka Kumari Modeling of smart phones power using Neural Network
3 1401289121 Amrita Sahoo Measuring Glucose level in diabetic patient using Lab view
4 1401289122 Ananya Singh Monitoring Greenhouse effect using IOT
5 1401289123 Ankita Kumari SurroSense Rx foot sensor to prevent diabetic ulcer
6 1401289124 Athena Routray CO2 sensor with ionic gel
7 1401289125 Dillip Kumar Mohapatra Advancement in fractal antenna
8 1401289126 Lopamudra Sethy Solid State Gas Sensor
9 1401289127 Matrujita Mohanty Military Robot based on Embedded System
10 1401289128 Rajashree Acharya Temporal analysis for adapting concurrent application to embedded system
11 1401289129 Sanket Pramanik Microcontroller based security system using sonar
12 1401289130 Soumik Jana Miniature wireless sensor MEMS based application in cold chain food medicine process.
13 1401289131 Subhashree Subhadarshini Padhi Bluetooth GPS application based on latitude and longitude for child tracking model
14 1401289132 Sudhansu Ranjan Senapati Antenna in Medicine: Ingestible Capsule Antenna
15 1401289133 Swetalina Mishra Vehicular pollution monitoring using IOT
16 1401289134 Abinash Giri Dielectric Resonator Antenna
17 1401289135 Ajit Kumar Gouda Antenna Design for airborne application
18 1401289136 Debasmita Routray IOT system design with integrated wireless MCUS
19 1401289137 Priyanka Priyadarshini Emerging IOT based technologies in agriculture
20 1401289138 Sai Smruti Choudhury The real time monitoring of water quality in IOT environment
21 1401289139 Shital Mohapatra Implementation of route search based on IOT
22 1401289241 Savitri Kumari Security Issues and challenges in IOT
23 1521289045 Milan Swain PWD based circuit breaker using Microcontroller
24 1521289046 Niharika Pradhan Energy generation by using piezo-electric materials in MEMS
25 1521289047 Poonam Soren IOT based industrial applications
26 1521289048 Pujalin Sahoo Intelligent embedded control warning system for car reversing
27 1521289049 Satyajit Mohapatra M HEALTH system in IOT
28 1521289050 Supriti Mohanty An advanced physiological data logger for Medical Imaging Application
29 1521289051 Tanima Das Performance analysis of optical CDMA system