1 Soumya Prakash satapathy Application of Soil cement in structural work 1401289028
2 Debajanisahoo Municipal solid waste characteristics and management in Kolkata india 1401289009
3 Pooja bharati Assement of municipal solid waste management system in a developing country 1401289016
4 Soumyaranjansahoo Transparent concrete and its treands 1401289220
5 Kumar pattnayak Potential for peak flow reduction by rain water harvesting tanks 1521289014
6 Bikrantkumarsahoo Electrical resistivity of soil 1401289007
7 Sunitranjanmishra Demolition of building by application of modern technology 1401289031
8 Pragyanseni das Construction of green building and their trends 1401289018
9 Gayatreemohanty Roof top rain water harvesting to recharge the ground water 1401289219
10 Pritisudha das Water purification process for distribution of drinking water in smart city bhubaneswar 1521289019
11 Swadhin das Fibre reinforced concrete 1401289035
12 Archana mallick Statistics model for predicting and improving ready mixed concrete batch plants performance ratio under different Influences 1521289003
13 Lucky pradhan Flood routing in the catchment of urbanized lakes 1401289012
14 Abhijeetkumar A model study on Mahatma Gandhi setu(patna) 1401289001
15 Binayakumarpatra Vaccum dewatered flooring (UDF) 1401289008
16 Priyadarshini swain Surface canal irrigation network system for 2000 hector act area 1521289020
17 Puspashreekar Sustainable cement 1521289021
18 Ashutoshjena Polymer for stabilization of soft clay soil 1401289005
19 Chetnakantikisan Flood disaster management 1521289008
20 Hemantikumari Ground improvement techniques by grouting 1521289010
21 Singdharanirath Utilization of waste plastic in road construction 1521289026
22 Subhrasaswatimishra Application of DGPS in survey work 1521289028
23 Jyoshnaranipradhan A study on air pollution and its impact on human health in Chennai city 1521289013
24 Satyasagarmohanty Prrdiction of earthquake 1401289024
25 Preetipragyanprusty Study on Design of storm water 1401289223
26 Lusnapravaparida Current industrial waste water treatment process (dairy industry) 1521289015
27 Joshefkumarpariba Hyper loop technology 1521289012
28 Soumyaranjansethi Intelligent transport system 1401289029
30 Biswajita Baisakhi priyadarshini Rainfull prediction by using sensor 1521289007
31 Bijayalaxmipradhan Interlinking of rivers and their limitation 1521289005
32 Saswati swain Dampness in buildings and their remedial measures 1521289025
33 Nishigandhamallick Green concrete 1401289014
34 Pragyanparamitasingh Control of corrosion on underwater piles 1521289017
35 Itishreesamal Sewage and organic wastes 1521289011
36 Ankitabehera Study on Road traffic accident in India 1401289003
37 Sunil kumar panda Causes, prevention and repair of cracks in buildings 1401289034



Satyapriyasamal Nano technology in civil engineering
39 Amir ranjanpatel MBR technology  for waste water treatment 1401289002
40 Nihirmondal Canal distribution system for 2000ha ayacut area 1401289033
41 Dinesh sahoo Optimum use of rain water for system storage and recharge of ground water 1401289011
42 Ratnakantasahoo Design criteria for prestressd concrete and their limitation 1521289023
43 Subhendukumar panda Importance of bacterial concrete 1521289027
44 Dilkhusmahananda Noise control of building 1521289009
45 Avisekhnayak Assessment of fly-over in terms of saving in travel time and fueil consumption 1521289004
46 Sakti Prakash das Construction of concrete bridge and its trends 1521289024
47 Rahul kumarjena Erosion control techniques for flood control works 1401289020
48 Ansumanmohanty Construction methodology of BURJ KHALIFA 1401289004
49 Rashmikanta rout Pile foundation for alluvial soil of a river bed 1521289022
50 Priya Prakash swain Application of plastic bottles in a wall structure for green house 1401289019
51 Biswajitjena Study on suspension bridge 1521289006
52 Pritampyaripadhi Rural road development in India .opportunities and challenges 1521289018
53 Satyajitsatpathy Disaster management of buildings 1401289022
54 Debanandapangi Remote sensing and its application 1401289010
55 Karunasagar guru Geotechnical investigation for construction of intake well 1401289218
56 Suvranshubeura Investigation study on drip irrigation 1521289030
57 Bhubaneswar singh Structural health monitoring 1401289006
58 Nilaratnamohapatra Application of solar energy on roof top of the building 1401289213
59 Sudhanshusekharbehera Drip irrigation and their application 1521289029
60 Shakaibalam Disaster management for buildings 1401289033
61 Sksahilahmed Study and design of vertical drains for ground improvement 1401289222
62 Prabhat kumar prajapati  Runway repairing using modern materials and techniques 140128017
63 Satish kumar Super plasticizers for redimix concrete 140128021
64 Shakaldip mahto Corrosion of reinforcement in HVFA 140128026
65 Preetam kumar New technology for erosion control techniques       140128221
66 Prabanta priyadarshan palai A study on salia dam banpur 152128906
67 Suman Gourab Das Sprinkle irrigation and its trends     140289030
68 Tarun Kumar Concrete Village road and their trends 1401289032
69 Sonu Seth Dams and their negative effects on the environment 1401289027